Our strategy

A listed investment company focused on the digital consumer, blockchain & other tech in Southeast Asia

We enable Southeast Asian innovation

Fram^ invest in high growth tech companies and other digital assets with scalable business models with the potential to become leaders in their respective fields. Our team empowers our portfolio companies with over 75 years of track record from global leaders such as McKinsey, Ericsson, Kinnevik, Lazada, Cevian Capital, Endurance Capital, Tele2, Bima and much more.

Venture Capital

Early stage private technology companies in Southeast Asia. Long term investment horizon of 5-10 years. Sector agnostic, but particularly interested in opportunities within SAAS atm.

Listed technology companies

Sector agnostic investments into Southeast Asia's listed technology leaders. Long term holding horizon of 3-5 years.


Investments into equity of Web3 companies, blockchain and other digital assets. Sector agnostic, but particularly interested in opportunities within Defi and blockchain gaming.

Southeast Asian technology investments

Over the recent decade, mind-boggling progress has been made within the Southeast Asian tech industry, across the entire region. A long range of multi-billion dollar companies have been forged both in the private sphere, digital asset realm and on the stock exchanges. This evolution presents a unique opportunity for a locally based investor with a team that has held Founder roles and investment roles alike in some of the region's most prominent giants. As other parts of the world move towards slower growth, aging populations, and increasing regulations - Southeast Asia is on a trajectory to become the world's next engine for emerging market tech growth.

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Hanh Mai
CEO & Investor Relations
Son Ngo
Group Finance Director